Fred Sablan Joins Deftones

After the original bassist Chi Chung was involved in a car crash in 2008 The Deftones sort bass duty’s from Sergio Vega who recently decided to leave The Deftones for pastures NEW after having recorded the past 4 albums with the band. This left some big shoes to fill and as you can imagine a gig like the bassist for The Deftones had some weight to it so after Sergios departure they started looking for someone to fit and a number of bass players tried out and they decided to go with a good friend of ours Fred Sablan.
We first met Fred back in 2013 when he was the touring bass player with Marylin Manson. Fred went on to play bass with various groups and then during lockdown decided to take a break from music and get a normal job… As many did throughout the time at home when live music felt like a distant memory… Fred got a call from a friend saying hey do you want to come down and audition for this gig… So we got a call from a very excited Fred asking if we could keep it a secret but he’d got the gig and could we get him another 810… : )
So we got talking about the rig and we decided to go with 2 x ABM-600 Dual VU heads and 2 ABM-810’s with silver grills (although black was chosen for this tour) after getting the rig to rehearsals over in LA we heard back from Fred saying how huge it sounded and how happy everyone was with the tone!
A massive congratulations to Fred for such a well-deserved gig and as long term Deftones fans an amazing addition to our family of artists. Plus Fred gets to play with one of the best drummers in the world Abe Cunningham! Just imagine yourself on stage as ‘My own Summer’ kicks in with that kick and snare and the low rumble of two 810’s kicking you in the back…. There is nothing better than an 810 on any stage!
The Deftones kicked of their world tour recently with a string of dates across the USA before they head out to Europe this summer playing festivals and shows around the world… Click HERE to find tour dates and more info.


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