John Myung visits HQ

We were delighted to hear that Dream Theater were going to be heading to the UK and sort the opportunity to arrange a visit with bass legend John Myung and his trusted technical advisor Maddi.
So, on Friday John and Maddi came down to Ashdown HQ to talk over a few things we have in the pipe line. It was the first time since we started talking about the signature pedal that we actually got to talk about it, and play it face to face without having to revolve around zoom chats and courier services.

John mentioned in a recent interview that he had been working with us on a signature amp after the release of the pedal and well, yeah we have been working for the past 9 months or so on something a little different, familiar but different.

After sitting and playing said amp we gained some valuable insight into what John needs from this amp after around 4 hours of tweaking, discussing and listening we think we know what is needed and can happily say we aren’t too far off…


But that’s all for another day ; )

We were able to capture a bit of Johns incredible playing through his signature pedal (and amp). John is playing his signature MusicMan Bongo bass (kindly provided by the fine folk at MusicMan for us to tune and tweak his signature set up) through the John Myung Double Drive Pedal into the NEW amp through an ABM-115H EVO IV cab. John was playing ‘As I Am’ from the ‘Train of Thought’ album released in 2003 when John first starting using Ashdown Bass amps.
The pedal sounded devastating in the flesh especially when played by the man himself.
We would like to thank John and Maddi for coming down and sitting through the Friday London rush hour to get here on their day off!
We cant wait to share this with you but for now check out the John Myung Double Drive.


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