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John Myung Double Drive Pedal


John Myung Signature pedal with dual VU.

Ashdown Engineering, a globally respected manufacturer of bass and guitar amplifiers, proudly introduces the Double Drive John Myung Signature pedal, a revolutionary addition to the world of bass distortion. Born from a collaboration with John Myung, the legendary bassist of Dream Theatre, this pedal was conceived during the recording sessions of their latest album. John, a long-time user of Ashdown's ABM-600 amps, aimed to enhance his signature tone and strengthen his relationship with Ashdown. The result is a meticulously designed signature pedal worthy of a virtuoso like John Myung.
This pedal boasts two distinct distortion channels, each meticulously crafted to accommodate John's unique Music Man Bongo and 6-string signature sound. The Double Drive pedal offers a harmonious blend of harmonic distortion (Drive 1) and precise bass presence control (Drive 2). John himself praises its versatility for both studio and live settings.
Crafted to withstand the rigors of professional use, this pedal features robust 1.6mm Zintec construction and a .9mm alloy over panel. Additionally, dual VU meters provide real-time monitoring of input and output signals, ensuring a precise gain structure regardless of the input source. Elevate your bass game with the Double Drive John Myung Signature pedal, a testament to Ashdown's commitment to innovation and quality, personally endorsed by one of the industry's finest bassists.

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John Myung Double Drive pedal with 6 sting bass guitar


  • Power Requirement - 9-18v External Power Supply Centre Pin Negative
  • Drive - 2 Channels
  • H x W x D (mm) - 60 x 180 x 120
  • Weight (kg) - 1.2

John Myung Double Drive Pedal. Drive one with Gain, VU meter and tone
Drive 1
With Gain, Loud & Tone controls you have complete control over this subtle distortion.
John Myung Double Drive Pedal with Ground Lift, Grit and Brun controls, with VU meter
Drive 2
A vintage style fuzz provides warm growls to face-melting overdrive. Once you stack with drive 1 the overdrive tones become limitless.
John Myung Double Drive Pedal pro isolated balanced DI output
Comes with a Pro transformer isolated balanced DI output to connect to Front of house or any line level input. Also with a ground lift when required for no unwanted noise.
John Myung on stage playing his 6 sting bass guitar


Double Drive User Manual

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