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Pédale de filtre dynamique de type 23


Pas une, ni deux, mais trois bandes de filtres dynamiques qui balayent vos basses sous le contrôle de la fréquence du filtre « haute », « basse » ou « mélangée » ; générer des sons de basse vocaux et funky.

Le Type 23 est un filtre à enveloppe à triple tension contrôlée, deux des filtres étant commutables entre bande haute et bande moyenne.

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    New Pedals. New Design. Uniquely Ashdown.

    The Ashdown PRO FX range of pedals are manufactured in the UK using selected components from the best manufacturers in their respective fields. All of the effects are designed to be powered from a linear isolated 18V supply to ensure the best signal to noise ratio and lowest possible background noise, this is essential with high gain distortion pedals and floor up compressors.

    All pedals in the range are constructed with robust Steel housings with Anodised front fascias. Genuine Neutrik Jack sockets are used throughout.

    The pedals are finished in a sleek colour palette with the main centrepiece on each pedal being the sapphire-coloured illuminated LED that lights-up Ashdown’s famous double-winged logo when the pedal is engaged.


    • High, low or blended filter oscillation frequency
    • Sensitivity sets the amount of effect
    • 18 volt – Power Supply Required
    • Size (mm) H x W x D - 63 x 108 x 120
    • Weight (kg) - 0.6

    Close up of the sensitivity controls on the Ashdown type 23 dynamic filter pedal

    Not one, not two, but three bands of dynamic filters that sweep your bass tones under the control of the ‘high’, ‘low’ or ‘blended’ filter frequency; generating speech like and funky bass sounds.

    Close up of the detailing on the Ashdown type 23 dynamic filter pedal

    The Type 23 is a triple voltage controlled envelope filter with two of the filters being switchable between high band and mid band.

    Close up of the output on the Ashdown type 23 dynamic filter pedal

    The single sensitivity control effects the amount of which the oscillating filter reacts with the instrument and allows for a large range of Auto-Wah and Envelope effects, letting your inner-funk shine through.
    Adding more tonal capabilities, there’s a handy switch on the bottom of the pedal which further varies the frequency of the selected ‘high’, ‘low’ or blended filter oscillation frequency – to tailor the nature of the desired effect amount.

    Type 23 Dynamic Filter User Manual


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