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MixWave : Ashdown ABM EVO IV


Modélisé avec précision pour imiter la puissance, la polyvalence et le son authentique d'Ashdown.

Notre concentration sur le son, la puissance et la polyvalence a conduit à la création de la série ABM, établissant de nouvelles normes dans l'industrie. Les amplis basses Ashdown sont devenus emblématiques sur les grandes scènes du monde entier, soutenus par des groupes et musiciens renommés.



  • Available in 64-bit VST3 / AU / AAX / Standalone
  • macOS 10.13 to 13 (Latest Update, Intel & Silicon Native)
  • Windows 10 or Newer (64-bit)
  • iLok License Manager & iLok accounts required (Free)
  • For more system requirements information, visit the MixWave SUPPORT PAGE
Ashdown ABM 600 evo iv head variable valve drive plus
Variable Valve Drive Plus
Providing access to a huge range of clean, warm and overdriven tones, the Valve Drive Plus preamp section enables players to dial in a sound from pristine clean, to a fat and full bass overdrive.
Ashdown ABM 600 evo iv head eq controls
The Perfect Bass EQ
Quickly find the sweet spot for your bass tone. ABM EVO IV features a sophisticated 9-band EQ, with familiar Bass, Middle and Treble controls and six sliders providing precision cut and boost.
Ashdown ABM 600 evo iv head one knob compressor
One knob compressor
The ABM EVO IV features a perfect emulation of Ashdown's famous One Knob Dynamic Compressor. This simple to use, great sounding compressor delivers a powerful, even sound that helps your bass fill out any mix.
Ashdown ABM 600 evo iv head subharmonic generator control
Sub-Harmonic Generator
The Sub-Harmonic Generator adds an octave below the notes being played bringing fullness to any bass part. The Sub level is independently controllable, letting you dial in anything from a subtle hint of deep bass to a fill-on subterranean funk.
Ashdown ABM 600 evo iv head professional connections including speakon and jack sockets
At the front and centre is the ABM 600 EVO IV. Offering a wide range of tones from clean to overdriven, setting the standard for the modern bass player. Modeled with accuracy to emulate the power, versatility and authentic sound of Ashdown
Ashdown fs 4 footswitch
An extensive cab module of the Ashdown 1x15 Compact Cabinet and the 8x10 Cabinet that includes a massive impulse response library captured at MixWave Studios.

Featuring the 10" Blue Line speaker, a custom-designed 15" Blue Line speaker and a switchable horn tweeter allowing you to tailor your high-end frequencies with precision.

Accompanied with a world class collection of 12 virtual microphones that can effortlessly be placed around the speakers.

EQ & Compressor

The onboard EQ and Compressor that can be used before and after the signal allows for instant mix-ready results without ever leaving the plugin.

Ashdown ABM EVO IV Standalone

No DAW? Use MixWave: Ashdown ABM EVO IV as a standalone application with no additional software required!

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