Pascal Mulot
Pascal Mulot is the first and the only one French rock bass player to have 4 albums released on major companies as a bass artist. Pascal has currently played with artists such as Simmon Phillips, Steve Lukather, Steve Vai, Blues Saraceno… and a bass trio in Cannes music festival with Bunny Brunel and T M Stevens. He has released 3 instructionnal videos in Europe and has been voted “ best european fusion player “ in France in 2003. He is actually working with Roland for the effects and the VB 99 bass synthetizer and Vigier basses. He is well known in the French scene also as a session player who has the ability to play any kind of Music and a producer for the French TV and commercials . In France Pascal played with Patrick Rondat, Françoise Hardy, Johnny Hallyday , Jean Luc Lahaye … to name a few and is now touring with the band “ Satan Jokers “. Pascal was raised in Jazz music as he is the son of an upright Jazz bass player and went many years in the classical conservatory to study solfegio and the classical upright but his musical revelation is with the Funk band Suberbebop with afro american singer Suber. Pascal is nowadays working on a Fusion album, a Funk album, a new method… and more.
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