Mike Bisch
Suedehead Bass Guitarist Mike Bisch has been searching for the bass sound that he hears in his head since he first picked up a bass guitar at age 13, and believe he hears it in Ashdown. "My Ashdown rig does anything I want it to…tight, thick, crisp, punchy, deep rich overtones…this King Combo does it all. With Suedehead I need attack, responsiveness, fidelity, and a sound with a unique character and personality to it. Our songs have a lot of driving bass, and I need a rig that will deliver a consistent, even sound across the strings and will keep my sound upfront. The Blueline speakers are very responsive, with no flap or delay. And the sturdy cab holds up to the abuse we give it on the road as a touring band. The ABM head gives me all the tonal shaping options I want, and with 575 watts on board, I can shake the stage with the master volume at '3'"!
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