Mark Briscoe
I have been involved with music since I was a kid, and have played bass guitar for almost 40 years! I have a diverse set of playing styles and, having grown up with punk, have the same attitude and outlook that I had as a teenager! I have had the privilege of playing in bands such as The Varukers, Fuse, SlingShot, Violet Wylde and currently Feroxide. I was also one of the few bassists given the opportunity to audition for New Model Army in 2013 as a replacement for their outgoing bassist. Having moved on from Trace Elliot my gear of choice is an American Fender Precision Bass through an Ashdown Engineering ABM EVOII 900 head into 4 x 10 and 1 x 15 cabs. I've had this rig for about 10 years and wouldn't change it for anything else. It can cope with any style I choose to play and I've yet to come across a venue where it remotely struggles to deliver loads of headroom. On top of that the tech support is second to none!
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