Jauqo IIIX
I started playing Bass at the age of sixteen. I was Influenced by the sounds of what was thumping from my father's jazz albums and the happiness of my mother listening to the soulful beauty of Motown. My interest in Bass grew into -- for lack of a better word -- an obsession. If it was anything Bass-related, I wanted to learn more about it. And I'm still learning! My musical influences cover a very wide range, partly because of my respect for other cultures. I am also inspired by all Bass players I hear, for I understand the basic role of the Bass: let's not forget to keep that pocket. And Smile. And if they got it going on, then yes! Let's groove. I've been fortunate to play in many rewarding musical settings in various genres. Funk, Rock, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Reggae, Middle Eastern, etc. Spiritually my most rewarding opportunity arose when I got the chance to meet, stay in the home of, and briefly study with one of my biggest musical inspirations: Ornette Coleman. I got to grasp very powerful elements of his great mind and the musical concept that he calls harmolodics. To this day I still refer back to the nights he spent writing it out and explaining it to me. (THANK YOU, ORNETTE, INFINITELY.) I have always included his hormolodic concept into my own personal band projects: Mystical Entity, The Jauqo III-X Unit, and more recently, The Jauqo III-X Reality, which is constanly in preparation for our journey throughout the beauty of your existence. Thanks for your time and interest. Peacefully in step, side by side with life, Jauqo III-X
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