Gary Mahon
"Freefaller have been touring the UK since the beginning of 2001 and celebrated their first top ten chart success with debut single ‘Do this Do that’ when it entered the UK charts at number 8 in January 2005. With the power of publishing company ‘Zomba’ (part of BMG) behind them, Freefaller will be taking their music and touring internationally and Gary is proud to be taking his Ashdown gear with him.

‘It’s the best bass amp gear I’ve ever used. For the studio the heads are so versatile you can pretty much get any sound you need, and for on stage it just rocks!! You get a real clear punchy sound with an 810 and no matter how loud you have it, it doesn’t swamp everything else out’ Said Gary when asked about the ABM series. Gary would like to thank Ashdown for all their continuing support. "
Gary proudly uses...
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