Colin Sutton
Colin currently plays bass for award-winning guitarist/singer Chantel McGregor. He is a senior lecturer in Pop Music at Leeds College of Music and works with with hip hop acts Tough Crowd and Abstract Orchestra (supporting Mos Def and Afrika Bambaataa).

As a founding member of LIMA (Leeds Improvised Music Association) Colin was involved in cutting edge music on the UK avant-underground scene primarily with Minghe Morte ("gore-spattered car crash jazz" - Jazzwise) and alt-metal outfit Bilbao Syndrome (Babel Label)... (" of the most ambitiously heavy things to come out of the North Metal scene in a long time." - Grind Magazine). An Ashdown ABM EVO500 Amp and James Lomenzo Hyperdrive pedal have been consistent features of his rig for many years. "Ashdown bass amps are the most versatile and reliable amps I've ever played. Regardless of the style of music my Ashdown allows me to nail the sound."
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