Anže Langus Petrović
Anze is one of the most in-­‐demand bass players in the countries of former Yugoslavia. Barely thirty years old and his discography counts over one hundred albums of various genres. In the last decade of his professional career he has toured extensively all over Europe and recently joined Jan Plestenjak on tour, the most famous Slovenian pop artist. Anze is also an in-­‐house bassist for the prime time TV-­‐show on the national TV station RTV SLO. "I finally found the tone that delivers both in studio and live on stage -­‐ Ashdown is with me in all specters. Because I float between assorted genres on a daily basis, ABM900 offers me a sound that is pervasive and tough enough yet has a touch of soft vintage to it. It satisfies rock, blues, jazz, or funk demands. Even as a producer I clearly hear the advantages of my Ashdown. When I am getting ready to mix I just set it up, turn the knobs and results are there. This amp enables me to express freely and allows me to devote my time in crafting art. It is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks to the Ashdown team!"
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