Andy Bell
"Noel Gallagher's Tech Jason, called in to the Ashdown office saying Noel had seen and heard the classic Ashdown sound in many situations and also heard that Adam Clayton (U2) had used the C410h 500 combo to record thier album in the studio. So Noel ordered one for himself which was great! A week later another call came from Jason to get another C410h500 down to Andy Bell, thier Bass player. Once Oasis have finished this short 10 year anniversary tour we will build some custom gear for Andy and the Band, ready for a larger tour next year. Andy said it's great to see the Vu's glow on stage and the huge bass sound is really special. Noel just said 'you make great gear'. Seeing the band rehearse and watching how much care the band and Noel takes over the sounds on every track was impressive and very cool for us to be there and see the set take shape. An added bonus was seeing Mod Father Paul Weller rehearsing a number of tracks with them."
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