PMT have just released an amazing interview with Dagan from PMTV and James Johnston from Biffy Clyro! This chat was captured during James and Dan's exciting tour of the PMT Stores a few months ago.

During their tour, they made several stops at various PMT locations, where they got to interact with fans, test out the Ashdown gear and more!

This interview is a must-watch for any Biffy Clyro fans or music lovers. Don't miss out on this captivating conversation - check out the video now to hear directly from James and Dagan.


James's Love for Ashdown Amps

Amps vs Pedal Distortion

Mic'd Up of DI - Why the DI Output is Awesome

What Amps Does James Use

Old School Tones for Old School Biffy Tunes?

Ashdown Bass Guitars

Homes Practice Rig

On Stage Monitoring

Bass Setup & Focusing on the Music

Upcoming Shows

A huge thank you to Dagan, James and the team at PMT for this great video! 

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