We have just returned from HELLFEST 2024, and what an incredible time we had! Our booth in the artist area was fantastic providing a great space to connect with bassists and guitarists from the bands. Not only did we enjoy showcasing our products, but we also got to witness some phenomenal band performances that truly rocked the festival.

One of the highlights was reconnecting with long-time Ashdown family members, including the legendary James LoMenzo, the talented Nate Mendel, and the amazing Jon Stockman, along with many other amazing artists. It is great to see them in action and catch up on their latest projects and experiences.

The ESP booth was also a major attraction, featuring our guitar amps. Festival-goers had the exclusive opportunity to try out and test thes amps, receiving firsthand experience of their exceptional quality and performance.

We've put together a video highlighting some of the most exciting moments from the weekend - click the video below to watch. Additionally, you can view some of our favourite snapshots from HELLFEST by clicking the image below. These visuals capture the essence of the festival and the energy that filled the air.

A huge thank you to HELLFEST, Algam and all our artists for such an amazing event. We look forward to bringing even more excitement in 2025! 



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