Ashdown Engineering

Friedensstifter Mini


Ashdown Peacemaker Mini, 2 Watt Clean Class A Gitarre

Combo, Sperrholzkonstruktion und bestückt mit einem 12" Celestion

Creamback-Lautsprecher, ebenfalls hier im Vereinigten Königreich hergestellt.


  • Single Channel Pre Amplifier with Two Voice Inputs
  • Dark & Light Voicing for a US/UK Styled Tones
  • 2 x JJ Electronics ECC83 Preamplifier Tubes
  • Bass, Middle, Treble and Controls
  • Gain & Volume Controls
  • 1 x 12" UK Built Celestion Creamback Speaker

  • Up to 2 Watts Output from 1 x JJ Electronics 6v6 Valve
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Dimensions: 440mm x 400mm x 190mm

Immerse yourself in the rich, dynamic sound of the Ashdown Peacemaker 2 Combo, a testament to British craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Designed a crafted in the UK, this combo amplifier offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the needs of today's discerning guitarists.

At its core, the Peacemaker 2 Combo features a single-channel preamplifier with two voiced inputs and Dark and Light Voicing options, providing musicians the flexibility to explore a diverse range of tones, from vintage American cleans to classic British crunch.

The inclusion of premium JJ Electronics ECC83 preamplifier tubes ensure exceptional sonic performance, with warmth, clarity, and dynamic range that will inspire your playing.

Equipped with a 12" UK-Built Celestion Creamback speaker, the Peacemaker 2 Combo delivers legendary British tone with unparalleled clarity, definition, and punch. Whether you're in the studio, on stage, or practicing at home, this amplifier provides ample power and headroom, with up to 2 Watts output from the JJ Electronics 6v6 valve.

House in a stylish birch plywood cabinet wrapped in a classic Tolex Covering, the Peacemaker 2 Combo exudes timeless style and durability.

With its compact dimensions, this amplifier is equally at home in the studio or on the road. Experience the ultimate in amplifier performance with the Ashdown Peacemaker 2 Combo, where tradition meets innovation for uncompromising tone and versatility.



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