Will Farquarson
Will Farquarson
Bass player Will Farquarson has been an Ashdown user from day one, his first amp was a MAG-300 combo and he continued to use it right through into the early days of Bastille before upgrading his rig in 2013 to Ashdown ABM-900’s along with an ABM-410 and ABM-115 cabs. Will wanted to upgrade his rig for the new tour, with new ABM-600-RC’s so everything can be neatly racked off stage, keeping the same cabs on stage.

Will also wanted something for at home that wasn’t too big and could be used in his living room so the perfect choice was the B-Social, Will was blown away with the unit and couldn’t wait to get it home and set up. The B-Social is a great multi purpose desktop amplifier for at home or out and about.

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