Tim Jackson
"Tim was born in January 1982 and spent his early years growing up on the hard streets of Guildford. It was not long before he established his love for music and a desire to play in a band was born. Not long after his 10th birthday Tim got his first guitar, although on starting up a band with his brother, he moved over to the groove of bass. Tim kept playing in a couple of bands, none of them taking off until he met Steve in Woking in 97. Together they formed a band called Impact. The line up constantly shifted and it was only when Quest came on board and they met G at music college in Guildford, that Radiate was born. After Radiate had been together for a couple of years, a once in a lifetime opportunity arose. The band auditioned for work at the BBC on the show that was to replace live and kicking. It was called ‘The Saturday Show’ and would involve playing live on T.V. every Saturday for at least the next year. Tim was fortunate enough to get the gig and after a long agonising decision, left Radiate for a year and a half to learn about the industry and become the best bass player he could be. During this time he met and worked with some of the most renowned people in the music industry from Sting to Britney and producers such as Steve Lillywhite who produced the majority of U2’s albums. Although he learned a lot, it never felt like Radiate. As soon as the contract was up he was back in Radiate and ready to rock."
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