Sar/Lou is a freelance bassist from Birmingham, UK. Having
first picked up a bass guitar over 20 years ago at the age of 13, she has spent
the past two decades honing her skills and craft.
From the moment she set foot in a rehearsal room equipped
with Ashdown Rootmaster combo amps, she fell in love with the rich, warm tone
and ever since has chosen Ashdown to have her back on stage.
As a female professional musician in a heavily
male-dominated industry, she has made it her lifelong ambition to encourage
underrepresented people, especially women and
girls/female-identifying/non-binary people to pick up music & learn bass.
Her current bands are Birmingham-based Alternative/Dark Pop
band, VSHA (@vshaoffical) and Queercore Punk band, Resting B!tch Face (@restingbfaceuk).
She is also a mature student in the process of obtaining a BA Hons and eventual
Masters in Music Industries/Bass Guitar Specialism with the Academy of
Contemporary Music.
Ashdown RM EVOII 500, ABM 210H and 115 cabs.
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