Ryan James Hoover
"Welcome to the rock pot. Take the sounds of Tool, Incubus, Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, and Staind and you'll get Quota, a blend of the rock genres. This rock trio, who's known for their explosive live performances, was born of the Southern California coastal waters. All three members went to high school together, yet never came together musically until they were all in college. The band started as something fun and quickly blossomed into something serious when the members realized the awesome chemistry and substantial material they had created. The leading voice and guitarist of this band is Mark Manderson.

The other half of this song-writing duo is Ryan Hoover who plays bass and sings back up vocals. With his aggressive style of playing he creates a dynamic tonality in every song. As a tenor Ryan's voice blends beautifully to lend some great harmonies to their songs. A collaboration on the lyrical end comes from both Mark and Ryan whose lyrics have a very introspective view that allows the listener to really hear what they’re saying. There's no crap here just the meat and potatoes of real life experiences."
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