Paul Brown
I've been in the music industry for around forty years and during that time I've played with some pretty heavyweight bass players. But since I started using Paul Brown on my songs I haven't needed to go anywhere else. Paul is the real deal, he's a monster of a bass player. My music is extremely diverse and technically demanding so it requires someone with a very broad and varied skill set and an expansive psychology to understand the range of moods and styles I incorporate in my songs. I need musicians who can knock you out and rock your baby to sleep. Paul Brown has that dynamic range. He has all the technical skills anyone could ever need, an amazing rhythm pocket and a deep sensitivity to what songs need. If he has any faults I would say that he is too humble for his own good. He belongs right up there with all the other great bass players of our time but you'll have to find that out for yourself because he'll never tell you that. Paul isn't a flamboyant prima Donna, he's not looking for the limelight, quite simply he's what I would call a proper bass player. And even though he can rip it up with the best of them, he knows his deeper role as the foundation for the bands stability and fulfills that role with grace. PaulBrown? Irreplaceable.
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