Nick Seymour
Born in Benalla, Victoria, Australia, Seymour studied Visual Arts in Melbourne, and taught himself how to play the bass. As a young boy he and his family used to travel around country Victoria as the Seymour Family Singers. In his spare time, he played in local bands, including Plays With Marionettes, Bang, and The Horla, and worked on the set of films like The Leonski Incident and the TV series Carson's Law. At the end of 1984, he became the bass player for what was to become Crowded House. He stayed with the band until its demise in 1996. Seymour also produced all of the artwork for the band, including album covers, costumes and stage sets. He worked on various projects since 1996, among them, playing in the band Deadstar and producing the debut album for Irish band Bell X1. He moved to Dublin, Ireland where he built a recording studio and was responsible for developing Irish bands Juno Falls and Vesta Varro as well as recording popular rock band, The Walls who later would join the re-formed Crowded House on their Australian come-back tour of 2007. In 2003, he had re-teamed with old Crowded House bandmate Paul Hester to form a band called Tarmac Adam. Following the 2005 death of Crowded House drummer Paul Hester, Seymour reconnected with Finn and followed by performing on his third studio album. Through time, this project converted from a solo project into the fifth Crowded House album. In 2007, Neil Finn, Mark Hart and Nick Seymour reformed Crowded House, adding Matt Sherrod as drummer. The album Time on Earth was released in June 2007 and the group started a world tour in support of it.
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