Lasse Jørgensen
Lasse Jørgensen
Lasse Jorgensen - Born 19 January 1965 - Danish bass player.

Has been a part of Kristian Lilholt’s band since 1998 - Kristian Lilholt plays approx 50 - 60 shows a year, from small clubs to large concert halls, instrumental shows & studio recordings. Lasse has also been a touring bass tech for 35 years for various Danish bands and for Larry Graham & Graham Central station on there European gigs.

“Every tone I play, I play on Ashdown. Rehearsals to Concert halls I have an Ashdown amp for all my needs. During the year I’ll use every combination of amp & cab I have. I’ll typically use my Ashdown combo’s for clubs and church concerts and an ABM 900w head with 2x10” or 6 x 10” cabs for the larger gigs. The low end and mid range is punchy, whatever I play comes through clean & with great definition whether it's the combo or stack, flat wound or with picked, 5 string or P-bass!”

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