Gavin D. Jones
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gavin has been tearin’ up the City of Rock-n-Roll Angels with his cool blend of slap and electric bass for over 25 years. As witnessed by this writer’s eyes, Gavin Jones is an icon in the Rock N’ Roll /Rockabilly scenes, and has been a sought after Bass Player by such artists and groups as: Danny Dean and the Homewreckers, Easter, Michael Ubaldini And Mystery Train, Gary Myrick, Joe Houston, Shakey Pete and the Faultline, Tim Karr, Jill Sharpe, Ronny North, Paul Humphrey’s O.M.D. Revisited ( featuring Paul Humphrey of O.M.D. and Claudia Brucken of Propaganda), TSOL’s Joe Wood, Hank Deluxe and the Elbowbenders and Three Blind Mice. Currently, Gavin is working his Rock-n-Roll prowess with VINTAGE CITY ROCKERS.
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