Chris Malin
‘Chris Malin was born in Birmingham, England in 1978 and started playing bass at the tender age of 11.

Chris went professional when he was 21, working as a songwriter for 2 years for
Sony Records, penning songs for such artists as Kylie Minogue and others. Chris
then started playing live with various bands as he missed it, and joined Flash - A
tribute to Queen which took him to shows all over the world.

Chris has done numerous sessions with members of ELO, and has recorded many songs with Woody Woodmansey (David Bowie, Spiders From Mars), replacing Trevor Boulder when he sadly passed, and done live shows. He has also worked with world class percussionist Hossam Ramzy (Page and Plant, Peter Gabriel) in several recording projects. Chris is currently out on tour all over the UK and Europe with the Jam’d, a tribute to the Jam’

Chris proudly uses;

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