Algam Benelux has just released an great detailed video of the Ashdown Eliza Bluetooth Speaker, an it's a must-watch for anyone interested in high-quality audio equipment. In this video, they start by looking at the outer box and packaging, giving you a clear sense of what to expect when you purchase the product.

They then begin to unpack the box, revealing not only the Eliza but also the included accessories. Each item is carefully showcased, ensuring you know exactly what you will find.

Then we look to the Eliza itself, offering an up-close look at its design and features. They take the time to run through the remote control that comes with the speaker, explaining its function and how it can be used to enhance the user experience.

The paused look at the rear panel takes a closer look into the connectivity options. This includes looking at the power input, USB, AUX and OPTICAL inputs.

The overview of the front panel controls showcases the tone controls, the button controls and the LED indicators.

Click below to see the full video! 

A huge thank you to Algam Benelux for uploading this great overview video, and we cannot wait to see what you upload next! 

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