See us at Glastonbury

It is that time of year where an annual pilgrimage to the West Country is on the cards, this year we will not be on site but are being represented at the legendary event by some of our loyal artists making the trip for us including Bastille, Reef, The Charlatans, The Proclaimers and many many more across the 10 stages.

Line Up Poster

Glastonbury is one of those festivals where not everyone goes for the music it's just an added bonus.... There is so much to see and do and anyone who has said they have done everything or been to everything on offer at the festival isn't telling you the full story... Vast is a word commonly used to describe the scale of event it's developed into over its 50+ year lifetime...

There is nowhere in the world like it nothing comes close, and to say we are sad not to be attending this year is an understatement but long gone are the days of just turning up and jumping the fence, not that we ever did that... but we have turned up in the past without so much as a ticket and made it in... But alas those days are over so everyone on Worthy farm have an epic weekend, you're in for a treat with the beautiful weather as it's more often than not an epic mud bath!

Enjoy we wish we were there! 


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