Guy Pratt on tour with David Gilmour

A behind the scenes look...

David Gilmour shares a behind the scenes look at his current tour with a clip for ‘Today,’ the second single from his new solo album, Rattle That Lock. The video by Aubrey Powell, shows the band in rehearsals down in Brighton ahead of the preview show the other week, we were lucky enough to head down and catch up with Guy Pratt and see the run through ahead of the tour. 

Guy is using a custom ABM-900 head along with a custom shop CL-810 cab, spot Guy’s signature on the amp in this clip from rehearsals click HERE. Guy is also using a NEW Retroglide-800 through a NEO-115 cab for his upright on stage.

Please take the time to scan through David’s YouTube channel for more great videos on the build up and during the tour... 

We are heading down to the Albert Hall on Friday night to see the show anyone who has tickets you really are in for a very special night.

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