The first reviews are in and Guitar World have given a full run down of our brand new MF 484 2.N Guitar Amp! 
Here is what they had to say:


While best known for its bass amps, which is practically an industry standard, Ashdown’s guitar amp range is just as tempting – perhaps even more so now as the company is one of the latest manufacturers to produce a Two Notes Torpedo-loaded amplifier. 

Now, speaker cabinet emulation has come of age in the last decade, with analogue filtering replaced by digital impulse response (IR) technology, which in turn is being superseded by dynamic impulse response tools. These combine hundreds if not thousands of static IRs in apps and create real-time changes in virtual room size, cabinet type and microphone type and placement for often scarily realistic ‘amp in a room’ effects.
Currently the hot name is French company Two Notes, which has seen a surge in popularity of its excellent Torpedo cabinet sim driven in part by the technology being made available to amplifier builders to embed in their own products. Which neatly brings us back to the amp we’re looking at here: Ashdown’s new MF484 2.N head.
For the full review click HERE! 

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