Algam EXPO – Montelupone 2023

After appointing Algam EKO for Italy in January 2023 and then Algam for the remainder of the EU from February 2023, with the support of the teams in place across the group. We were invited down to Montelupone for the Algam EXPO ‘Meeting the Future’.

As a family we have had a long relationship with Gerard and his family, Mark and Gerard going back for the past 35+ years and have a great respect for one another. Gerards vision for his incredible enterprise has inspired us over these past few days than we could ever have imagined. From making pan pipes and folk instruments to selling golf clubs and more, to today having a team of incredible individuals spanning the world from Nantes to China.

Hosted by Algam EKO our Italian arm, a team headed by the incredible Stelvio Lorenzetti. A true host, the hospitality we experienced over the past few days was beyond what we could have expected, feeling truly welcomed as part of their family. Again, a family enterprise with an incredibly rich Italian history within the world of Musical Instruments. 

We had the time to go through our range of amplification and consumer electronics with the team of over 150 people all their to represent our brand across the EU, in an inspiring setting for the weekend. With meetings starting from 8am till 6pm and the dinners from 8:30pm to late/early….

Thank you, Maxi, Andrea, Alain, Jeremy, Olivier, Pierre, Fabrice, Birger, Brent, Kelly, Manel, Alex, Rafael, Javier, Jakob, Par, Hakon, Christian, Thomas D, Thomas C, Nils, Uwe, Christian, Philipp, Antia, Nadia, Steph, Luca, Simone, Francesco, Giovanni, Isabelle, Romain, Ronan, Henry and many more, sorry if we missed you but thank you!

Thank you for your time and hospitality…

Photos curtesy of the awesome Henry Ruggeri @henryruggeri on Instagram.

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