Doug Wimbish Interviewed on Unsung – Tonight at 8pm

Tune in to see Doug...

USA’s TV One’s hit series ‘Unsung’ is back on TV screens across America tonight (Wednesday 10th February 2016) at 8pm Eastern and Pacific Time and 7pm Central Time.

For those unfamiliar with the TV programme, Unsung celebrates the lives and careers of beloved musical artists who, despite great talent, popularity and acclaim, have never had their real life stories unfold…until now.

Tonight at 8pm Eastern and Pacific Time and 7pm Central Time, the season premiere of Unsung features ‘The Sugarhill Gang’ – Rap's first mainstream group. Without them, there'd be no Jay-Z or Lil Kim.

Ashdown artist, Doug Wimbish will be interviewed on the episode as part of the Sugarhill Records house band. Doug has recorded and performed with a diverse roster of talent, from his early days with Sugarhill Records, to his groundbreaking work in Living Colour.

Late in 2015 Doug Wimbish joined the Ashdown family as the man behind the B-social and has recorded a series of six videos demonstrating the amplifier and its various capabilities.

Tune in to see Doug and The Sugarhill Gang tonight!


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