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For the first time in the company’s history we have decided to establish Ashdown USA LLC. Effective immediately. We have set up warehousing logistics and service facilities in California to ensure that we provide the best levels of technical and customer service, distribution and support. 

We have also appointed MI veteran and long-term friend, Jon Gold as our President of US Sales. Having a long history in the industry most notably for his 12 years at Fender, 6 as Senior Vice President of International Sales & Marketing at Fender’s HQ in Scottsdale Arizona. Jon has said 

“Having known Mark and Dan Gooday for many years and being a huge fan of the Ashdown brand and products, I am delighted to be able to work with them in establishing Ashdown USA and getting these incredible bass amps into the hands of many American players.”

Dealing directly with the market means we will be able to bring our own personality to the American bass community offering unparalleled levels of support.

As the Number one bass brand across the EU and an artist roster featuring iconic bands such as Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, System of a Down, The Who, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Biffy Clyro, U2 plus many more we are excited about what the future holds in the USA.

We understand that not everyone gets the big gigs so our offering is tailored to suit not only stadium filling superstars but also every hardworking bass player out there who quests for real honest bass equipment with great service, tone and reliability. 

We are very excited at the opportunity as a company and one we will devote our time and passion towards.

We are a family business with bass and music as our passion, it has been part of our very existence since as long as we can remember. We look forward to working with you.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with Jon Gold at the contact details below.

Our US address and contact details are:

Ashdown Engineering USA LLC, 5635 Daniels St, Chino, CA 91710, United States. Tel: 909-342-1201 E-Mail:

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I have an ABM 600 EVO IV amp. purchased 6/20/2016, Serial Number #2015027 that I am having a power problem with. The sound stops but the amp is still on and will come baCK on intermittently at times or not at all? The amp is in very good condition and not damaged in any way. I live In Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA and purchased the amp new at Ross Music in Rhode Island. I am a working musician and use All Ashdown amplification and love it but I need to get this amp to the nearest authorized service center. Please advise.
Ray Davis, 401-864-2015

Ray Davis April 03, 2020

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