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As a hardworking bass player – and at the detriment of your reputation – the demand for a perfect recording session is paramount.

By nature, studio compressors are widely used for levelling the audio signal, limiting to prevent unwanted distortion and for dynamic range preservation. Generally, a good studio compressor, if used correctly, should really only be noticeable to the player and imperceptible to those listening to the performance.

Designed with the studio bass player in mind, the Ashdown Studio Compressor tames the dynamic range of your signal so that there is less inconsistency between the loudest notes and the quietest notes and also providing a way for you to control the manner in which it does this.


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New Pedals. New Design. Uniquely Ashdown.

The Ashdown PRO FX range of pedals are manufactured in the UK using selected components from the best manufacturers in their respective fields. All of the effects are designed to be powered from a linear isolated 18V supply to ensure the best signal to noise ratio and lowest possible background noise, this is essential with high gain distortion pedals and floor up compressors.

All pedals in the range are constructed with robust Steel housings with Anodised front fascias. Genuine Neutrik Jack sockets are used throughout.

The pedals are finished in a sleek colour palette with the main centrepiece on each pedal being the sapphire-coloured illuminated LED that lights-up Ashdown’s famous double-winged logo when the pedal is engaged.


  • Studio Style Compression with Ratio and Threshold
  • 18 volt – Power Supply Required
  • Size (mm) H x W x D - 63 x 108 x 120
  • Weight (kg) - 0.6

Close up of the gain ratio and threshold controls on the Ashdown studio compressor pedal

The Studio Compressor has controls for “Threshold”, which sets the level at which the unit starts to limit the signal, “Ratio” which sets the amount of compression and an overall “Gain” control which allows the signal level to adjusted.

A low threshold ratio vs a high threshold ratio means how much (or little) the signal will get compressed. Typically, a low threshold compression comes in earlier, capturing the signal and wrapping it sooner before putting it to the amplifier. High threshold compression comes in later - enabling more of the signal from the path to be put out to your amplifier before being compressed.

Close up of the controls on the Ashdown studio compressor pedal

The Studio Compressor features optimised settings for Attack and Release, so no adjustment is required in respect of these.

For live use, the compressor can be placed between the pre-amplifier and power amplifier, or instrument and amplifier – and adjusted accordingly. Once stage volume has been determined, the compressor is adjusted so that with excessive playing the amplifier cannot be overloaded. The Studio Compressor will allow players to achieve higher overall average volume output without distortion and help protect the speakers.

Close up of the output on the Ashdown studio compressor pedal

Of course, the Studio Compressor may also be used as a general compressor rather than a limiter. Whilst some compressors might suck the life out of your instrument, the Ashdown Studio Compressor retains the natural tone of the instrument, whilst still keeping control over your levels.

Studio Compressor User Manual


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