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Stuart Zender - Funk Face


Get ready to groove with the Ashdown Stuart Zender Funk Face VU, launching in September 2023! Designed in collaboration with bass virtuoso Stuart Zender, known for his work with Jamiroquai, this pedal is a dedicated bass twin dynamic filter that captures the essence of those signature "Virtual Insanity" basslines. 

The Funk Face features an intuitive 3-knob and 2-switch layout, making it easy for bass players to dial in their funky tones. The 'Sensitivity' control lets you shape the pedal's response, while the 'Output' knob allows you to control the intensity. By tweaking these controls, you can go from subtle filtering to a full-blown "Funk Bass in your Face" Auto Wah, all based on your playing style and dynamics.

Additionally, the emulated 'Valve' drive distortion switch enriches harmonics, and the Wah effect is foot-switchable. Plus, a strategically placed switch lets you decide whether the valve overdrive comes before or after the Wah, offering even more tonal possibilities.

The SZ Funk Face boasts genuine true bypass switching, ensuring your input signal remains pristine when the pedal is off. The Output level control doubles as a clean level boost when the Wah feature isn't active, helping you cut through the mix when you need it.

Please note that the pedal requires a minimum of 9v with a 45mA draw (centre pin negative), power supply not included.

Please Note:
Direct purchases NOT available in the United States
Find your local Ashdown Dealer HERE


  • Power Requirements - 9 Volt. Power Supply Required
  • H x W x D (mm) - 145.50 x 116.20 x 65
  • Weight (kg) - 0.9
The Funk Face’s simple 3-knob and 2-switch layout makes things
simple for the bass player when those funky moments strike.
The Funk Face’s ‘Sensitivity’ rotary control allows the player to
shape the exact effects response, whilst the ‘Output’ knob allows you to decide just how much of it you want. Dependent on your playing style, attack, and dynamics - by tweaking the Output and Sensitivity controls in unison - you can range from subtle filtering to a fully responsive “Funk Bass in your Face” Auto Wah.
The emulated ‘Valve’ drive distortion switch can be selected by
foot to naturally enrich the harmonics of the Funk Face pedal, whilst the Wah effect is also footswitch able.
A strategically placed switch on the right ride of the pedal allows the player to decide on whether the valve overdrive is added pre or post-wah, providing yet more tonal opportunities.
The SZ Funk Face features genuine true bypass switching for
zero-colouration of your input signal when the pedal isn't in use. The Output level control lets you dial in the perfect balance between the effect and the true bypass level and effectively works as a clean level boost when the Wah feature isn’t in use – bringing you up a notch in the mix when demand strikes.
The pedal requires a minimum of 9v with 45ma draw centre pin
negative (power supply not included).

Stuart Zender Funk Face II
User Manual


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