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AGM PRO-FX-Retro Drive

Transport yourself to the heyday of British rock with the Ashdown PRO-FX Retro Drive pedal. Crafted to embody the quintessential British sound, this pedal captures the spirit of a time when guitarists relied on real tube amplifiers to shape their sonic landscapes. The result? A captivating blend of boldness and harmonics that resonates with the essence of classic rock.
The Retro Drive is a pedal that proudly wears its British heritage. It's a no-nonsense, straightforward distortion pedal that doesn't compromise on delivering that rich, overdriven British tone that defined an era. With just three intuitive potentiometers, you have total control over your sound, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned guitarists. Whether you're after a subtle crunch or full-throttle distortion, the Retro Drive delivers.
Designed exclusively for guitarists, the Ashdown PRO-FX Retro Drive operates on a 9V DC power supply (C pin Negative, not included) with a modest 30mA draw, ensuring compatibility with most pedalboard setups. Its rugged construction ensures durability on the road and in the studio, so you can rely on it night after night.
In summary, the Ashdown PRO-FX Retro Drive is your passport to the world of classic British rock tones. Experience the glory of vintage distortion, rich harmonics, and the unmistakable sound of a real British amp—all in one pedal. Whether you're a purist or a modern player looking to capture that iconic sound, the Retro Drive is your ticket to the past, reimagined for today's guitarist. Elevate your sound with the Ashdown PRO-FX Retro Drive and unleash the spirit of British rock.

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    The PRO-FX 9v range

    The Ashdown PRO FX 9 volt range of effects pedals are designed for guitarists and bass players by guitarists and bass players. Designed and Engineered in the UK with Electronics Engineer Dave Green, Dave has been part of the team at Ashdown since around 2006 and has been behind many of our new products in terms of electronic design.

    This range of pedals has been months in development and are some of our best sounding pedals we have ever designed. Taking from what we have learned from the market we wanted an affordable range of pedals distinctive in looks but most importantly characterful in tone and features.

    All pedals in the range are constructed with robust Steel housings with Anodised front fascias. Genuine Neutrik Jack sockets are used throughout.


    Size (mm) H x W x D - 59 x 73 x 115
    Weight (kg) - 0.6

    AGM PRO-FX User Guide


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