The Ashdown Acoustic Power Cube Wood is a portable lightweight 40-watt powered extension monitor. Handmade in the UK Custom Shop the Power Cube features just a Volume control and can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Can be used to amplify any acoustic instrument that features an on board pre amp.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Ashdown Pre amp pedal to create a very compact and easily controllable acoustic set up
  • Can be linked and used as a slave to the Ashdown Acoustic Cube 40 combo to create an 80 watt Stereo acoustic set up
  • Can be used to amplify instruments such as Keyboards etc where no tone shaping is required.



  • 40 watt powered acoustic cube with volume control
  • Custom Italian Sica 1 x 5" speaker with tweeter
  • Compact and portable weighs just 3.4kg
  • Line in and Line out
  • Carry Strap
  • Handbuilt in UK Custom Shop with stained wood cabinet


Power Output 40 Watt
Power Requirement 115/230V 
Speaker configuration  1 x 5 
Frequency Response -3dB at 52Hz and 28kHz
High Instrument Input Chan 1 Active Impedance 10k Ohms, input range 300mV - 20V p-p
Low Instrument Input Chan 1 Passive Impedance 3.9M Ohms, input range 150mV - 10V p-p
Line Output Impedance 4.7K Ohms Level 0dBu 
DI Output 600 Ohms balanced, Level -20dBu
Signal to Noise  Greater than 70dB (EQ Flat)
Notch Filter  Notch frequency 70 to 350 Hz 'Q' = 5

Bass +/-15dB @ 100Hz  Treble +/-15dB @ 10kHz

Distortion Less than 0.8% THD 
H x W x D (mm) 230 x 230 x 230 
Weight (kg)


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