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Jamaica Soundsystem is the result of a partnership with renowned musician/producer Zak Starkey and his partner, musician/producer, Sharna “Sshh” Liguz fused prior to launching their Grammy award-winning record label, Trojan Jamaica. 

The production team reflects not only the island’s rich musical history, rooted in Africa, but also American soul and blues.


​​These Artist Edition Headphones sit alongside our OV-1-B-Connects in features, but with specific styling to honour Jamaica Soundsystem.

When you need bass in your headphones, look no further.

With our pedigree in Bass Amplifiers for over 25 years, we cut no corners to achieve what we believe to be the best sounding headphones on the market. With colour changing VU and Connected App you can mix your sound and style!

Rich warm sound, incredible automatic noise cancelling, unique VU meter and you can also answer calls and skip tracks using the tap buttons on the side of the headphones.

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