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Introducing the Limited Edition CTM-30 Little Stubby and CTM-112 TWEED!

Unleash your musical prowess with our exclusive collection of CTM-30 Little Stubby Amps. Crafted for discerning musicians who crave both style and performance, these amps are designed to make your music shine brighter than ever before.

🌟 Only 4 Available! 🌟

Choose from four stunning color options:

Sea Foam Green

Candy Apple Red




An evolutionary step forwards from the classic LB 30/CTM 30 the Little Stubby pushes the rules of valve amplification design to the limits in a never before seen highly compact package that breaks away from the traditionally unwieldy amplifiers of years gone by.

Producing 30 watts of inspirational all valve bass tone from 4 x EL84 output valves the Little Stubby is all about purity of tone combined with real world versatility. The input gain and master volume allow for deep clean tones through to hugely overdriven contemporary tones and all points in between.

However the heart of this amp is the unique Feedback control which allows the complete character of the amp to be changed and fine tuned from old school vintage valve amp tones at one end through to tighter more mid heavy modern tones at the other. This combined with the well considered three band EQ gives almost limitless tonal variations. FX send and return continue the sonic purity and allow the players favourite modulation/time based effects to be sent straight into the power amp.



The Ashdown CTM-112T Tweed delivers a powerful 250 watts at 8 ohms through its single White Line Ashdown 12" speaker, designed for exceptional attack, clarity, and low-end performance. Its distinctive high-quality Tweed finish sets it apart from the crowd.
In terms of tone, this compact design maintains a strong low-end response with a punchy mid-range. The three-way tweeter switch allows you to adjust the high-end to your preference - hi, low, or off. Whether you use it alone or in a pair, the CTM-112T is ready to elevate your sound.


Bass The World Review

Gregor and Lars take you through the features and tones of the CTM-30 Little Stubby head.


  • Weight - 9.1kgs (26lbs)
  • Size(mm) - H - 95 W - 400 D - 235
  • Valve driven and recovered effects loop
  • Transformer isolated and derived DI
  • Hand wound transformers
  • 4 x JJ EL-84 output valves
  • Independent gain and master volume controls
  • High sens Nominal 100mV @1Mohms Impedance (Suitable for passive instruments)

  • Low sens Nominal 300mV @ 22k impedance (suitable for Active instruments)
  • Totally passive 3 band EQ
  • Feedback control
  • Output power 30 watts continuous
  • 1 x ECC81, 1 X ECC82, 2 x ECC83 preamp valves
  • Zero negative feedback
  • Steel chassis construction
  • Self biasing

Ashdown ctm 30 little stubby input

The CTM-30 Little Stubby marks the next developmental leap in the Ashdown valve bass amplification bloodline. Improved tone, features, portability and versatilty make the Little Stubby a new icon in the all valve bass amplification market.

Ashdown ctm 30 little stubby input

Measuring just 400 mm wide, 235 mm deep and 95 mm tall, the CTM-30 Little Stubby brings a classic all-valve tone in a compact and more portable gig-ready head.

The unique Feedback control allows the character of the amp to be changed and fine tuned from old school vintage valve amp tones at one end through to tighter more mid heavy modern tones at the other.

ashdown ctm 30 little stubby fx loop return and send

The Ashdown CTM-30 Little Stubby has an upgraded 30-watt EL84 driven power section and features a single instrument input with hi and low input sensitivity selector switch, for use with active or passive basses. The amp combines traditional ‘Bass, Middle and Treble’ rotary EQ control with a familiar Volume, Drive and unique Feedback control to accomplish both contemporary and classic all-valve tones from its ECC81, ECC82 and ECC83 preamp valves. It’s extremely easy to finding the gain ‘sweet spot’ on the Little Stubby – producing a warm, full-bodied overdriven sound.

Ashdown ctm 30 little stubby transformer di out

The Little Stubby features a balanced transformer derived DI output. Perfect for studio recording or for live performances where you need to get pure DI signal to the desk with a minimum hassle. If you want to use your favourite pedals or multi-effects, you’ll find conveniently located send and return sockets on the front panel.

A duo of ¼” Jack sockets provides flexible partnering options with a range of Ashdown speaker cabinets at 4-ohm (minimum) or 8-ohm.

Inside the Ashdown ctm 30 little stubby
Close up of the valves in the Ashdown ctm 30 little stubby

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