Based on the CTM-30 head, the Drophead 30 C115H brings classic all-tube tone in a gorgeous retro combo format that's perfectly suited to studio recording and small gigs, pairing the all-valve CTM-30 amp with a boutique-style 1x15” + HF horn cabinet.

Powerful preamp and EQ

Equipped with hi and low inputs for active or passive basses,  CTM-30 combines traditional Bass, Mid and Treble EQ with additional flexibility of Mid Shift, Bass Shift and Bright Switching, unlocking a wide range of classic and contemporary all-tube tone from its ECC83 and ECC82 preamp tubes and smooth but powerful 30W EL84 power section.

Balanced DI 

With it's modest 30W output, we've included a balanced DI, perfect for studio recording or for larger gigs where you need to get pure DI signal to the desk with a minimum of hassle. 

Effects loop

For effects junkies who want to bring yet more colour to the tone, the front-mounted effects loop makes it easy integrate your favourite stompbox and multi-effects with minimal tonal degradation.

Flip it up – rip it up

Dropheads are cool. When you're ready to play, simply un-clip the top, flip the amp head into position, clip it back down, plug in and let the tone come forth.

Demo Video


Power Output 30 Watt
Speaker Outputs Jack Socket
Frequency Response 30Hz to 16kHz
High Instrument Input 450mV
Low Instrument Input 150mV
DI Output  Line Level - 1k
Impedance Minimum Load 4 Ohms
EQ Simple passive Bass, Middle, treble and EQ rotary controls
Effects send Valve driven Instrument level  
Effects return  Valve recovered
Pre-amp Tubes 1 x ECC83   1 x ECC82
Output tubes  4 x EL84


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