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Introducing the KT-30 FX, the latest gem in the All NEW Killer Tone practice amp series. This 30-watt powerhouse is meticulously designed to deliver Killer Tone every day. Tuned to emulate the warmth of a tube amp, it's enriched with modern features tailored for aspiring guitarists. With a 16-way digital effects unit, line input for jamming, and headphone out for silent practice, the KT-30 FX is your ultimate companion for killer sound
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  • 30 Watt Power for Enhanced Performance
  • 16-Way Digital Effects Unit for Artistic Expression
  • 2 Channels for Varied Tonal Options

  • Headphone Out for Discreet Practice
  • 10" Speaker for Powerful Sound Projection
  • Line Input for Versatile Connectivity

Unleash your musical potential with the KT-30 FX, the
flagship model in the All-NEW Killer Tone line of practice amps. This 30-watt transistor-based marvel is meticulously designed and engineered to be the cornerstone of your daily musical journey, delivering Killer Tone, day in and day out.
Tuned to replicate the nuanced warmth of a tube amp, the
KT-30 FX is a sonic powerhouse for aspiring guitarists who demand nothing but the best. Its two channels provide versatility for a wide range of playing styles, from crystal-clear cleans to searing overdrives.

What truly sets the KT-30 FX apart is its 16-way digital
effects unit, offering a rich palette of effects to sculpt your sound. Dive into lush reverbs, intricate delays, and expressive modulations, all easily accessible to fuel your creativity. This amp is not just a tool; it's a platform for sonic exploration.
Equipped with an 10" speaker, a line input for seamless
jamming, and a headphone out for silent practice, the KT-30 FX caters to the diverse needs of musicians in various settings. Whether you're in the studio, practicing at home, or jamming with friends, this amp ensures a premium playing experience.

Experience the evolution of practice amps with the KT-30 FX from the All-NEW Killer Tone series – where innovation meets Killer Tone, day in and day out.

Elevate your sound, unleash your creativity, and let the KT-30 FX be the catalyst for your musical journey.



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