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Introducing the KT-15, the latest addition to the All NEW Killer Tone practice amp lineup. This 15-watt powerhouse is meticulously designed to deliver Killer Tone consistently. With tube-like warmth and modern features, it's tailored for aspiring guitarists. The KT-15 includes a line input for jamming and a headphone out for silent practice – your perfect musical companion.
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  • 15 Watt Power
  • 2 Channels for Versatile Sound
  • Headphone Out for Silent Practice

  • 8" Speaker for Clear Articulation
  • Linke Input for Jamming Along to your Favourite Songs

Introducing the KT-15, the latest evolution in the All NEW
Killer Tone line of practice amps. This 15-watt transistor based marvel is not just an amplifier; it's a commitment to delivering unparalleled sound quality every time you plug in.

Meticulously engineered to replicate the distinctive tone of a tube amp, the KT-15 is a testament to our dedication to crafting instruments that inspire.

Featuring two channels, the KT-15 offers versatility for a
range of playing styles. Whether you're seeking clean tones with intricate details or pushing the limits with overdrive, this amp has you covered. The 8" speaker ensures a full, dynamic sound that will elevate your practice sessions and small gigs.
Tailored with aspiring guitarists in mind, the KT-15 comes
equipped with modern features to enhance your playing experience. The line input allows you to seamlessly jam along to your favorite songs, while the headphone out provides a silent practice option for late-night sessions.

The KT-15 is not just an amplifier; it's a gateway to Killer
Tone. It's the result of meticulous design and engineering, aimed at providing guitarists with a tool that inspires creativity and delivers exceptional sound day in and day out. Elevate your playing with the KT-15 from the All NEW Killer Tone series.



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