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Step into the past with the CL-310-DH, a bass guitar cabinet that draws inspiration from classic PA cabinets of yesteryear. Designed for stages where space is a premium, this 8 Ohm cabinet is a true gem. Inside, it's divided into two chambers, each serving a distinct purpose. The first chamber houses a 10" speaker that delivers punchy and focused bass tones with exceptional transient response. In the second chamber, two 10" speakers reside, benefiting from rear porting that extends the bass response for that coveted low-end rumble and deep bass.
Combining these chambers with dual high-frequency horns (3-way adjustable) enables this cabinet to handle a formidable 450 watts of bass power while maintaining exceptional clarity and articulation.
Transporting this powerhouse is effortless, thanks to the built-in heavy-duty rear wheels, a sturdy metal grab handle, and a convenient side grab handle. The cabinet's robust bronco tolex covering and metal corners ensure it remains visually stunning and structurally sound for years to come. The classic red grill cloth with white piping adds a vintage touch while protecting the vital speakers. The CL-310-DH is the perfect blend of nostalgia and modern performance.

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  • H: 990mm

  • W: 349mm

  • D: 324mm
  • Weight: 25.6kg

  • Power: 450 watts

  • Impedance: 8 Ohms

Close up of the hf horns on the Ashdown CL 310 DH

A pair of HF horns allow complete control over the high end tonality of the cabinet with 3 way control (low, high and off)

two Ashdown CL 310 DH set up with the ctm 30 little stubby head

The CL-310-DH's unique design comprising of two chambers with one being ported and one sealed allows huge yet articulate and focused bass tones with great dispersion.

close up of the Neutrik speaker inputs on the Ashdown CL 310 DH

Top and side handles plus integrated wheels make the CL-310-DH hugely portable.

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