Ashdown Engineering

Black Friday: ROCK!

£161.00 £247.98

In this exclusive Black Friday offer, you can get two of our amazing PRO FX pedals!

This ROCK bundle features our Pro Drive and Sub Harmonic Generator pedals!

This bundle also includes an Ashdown Tool Kit and a Retro Gig Bag!

Pro Drive:

For those who opt for a pick over fingers or those who dig in like the greats the Pro-Drive gives you control over the amount of gain and the tone of your drive. From a dull rumbling thunder to a screaming banshee the Tone control works as expected giving you control over the dynamic range of the instrument. When used with the output control you are able to balance the output of the pedal vs your clean instrument sound for the perfect step drive tone.

Sub Harmonic Generator:

Our SUB Harmonic Generator is simple and effective, with blend-able subs/cleans you can add a subtle fatness or go full out synth.

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