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Black Friday: LISTEN


In this exclusive Black Friday offer, we have combined these two amazing products. The Phone-Box and either a set of NOVU-1 Studio Reference Headphones or our NOVU M-EARS!

This bundle also includes an Ashdown Tool Kit and a Retro Gig Bag!


Whilst the plethora of new style lightweight portable low power bass heads feature headphone output sockets - they are not usually included in the feature set of high end or vintage professional Bass amplifiers designed for live performances, this can present a bit of a problem when you need to use such a head or combo in a restricted environment for silent monitoring when recording or rehearsing.

The Ashdown Phone Box addresses this problem, designed for use with most types of solid state amplifiers, the phone box connects between the amp head and speaker to allow connection of headphones to amps lacking a headphone output. Also provides a line out 1/4 jack plus a balanced DI.

NOVU-1 Studio Reference:

With years providing audio solutions to the finest musicians and engineers in the music industry. Meters by Ashdown have now engineered these affordable yet professional closed-back headphones. Using 50mm dynamic drivers to deliver an accurate response across the whole audio spectrum and easily replaceable cables and ear pads make these ideal for use in the studio. 


The Meters M-EARS are the perfect solution if you don't want to break the bank but don't want to sacrifice on sound. Tuned by our music experts the M-EARS handle bass, have crystal clear highs and no muddy middle.

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