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Black Friday: FUNK

£443.00 £695.98

In this exclusive Black Friday offer, you can get two of our amazing pedals! The Funk Face and Velvet Compressor to get the ultimate funk sound on your pedalboard.

This bundle also includes an Ashdown Tool Kit and a Retro Gig Bag!

Funk Face:

The Funk Face’s simple 3-knob and 2-switch layout makes things simple for the bass player when those funky moments strike.

The Funk Face’s ‘Sensitivity’ rotary control allows the player to shape the exact effects response, whilst the ‘Output’ knob allows you to decide just how much of it you want. Dependent on your playing style, attack and dynamics - by tweaking the Output and Sensitivity controls in unison - you can range from subtle filtering to a fully responsive “Funk Bass in your Face” Auto Wah.

Velvet Compressor:

A principal use of any good compressor is an effect to smooth out and level the dynamic range from the instrument. Whilst most modern bass amplifiers are equipped with a much-simplified version of this type, some lack this key feature.

Designed to make your bass sound silky smooth, The Ashdown Velvet Compressor is a stunning, well-rounded compressor pedal.

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