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We have an exclusive number of these heads available. Used for demo and photography purposes, LIKE NEW, no original packaging.
Experience the Ashdown Rootmaster RM C210-500-T EVO II, the ultimate solution for bassists in search of Ashdown's renowned tone, power, and reliability without the heavy bulk of high-power amplifiers. Weighing in at a mere 18KG, this combo amp packs a punch with 500 watts of power, thanks to its two 10" Whiteline Ashdown drivers. What sets it apart is the inclusion of an onboard headphone preamp, allowing for silent practice sessions.

This feature-packed amplifier includes both passive and active input jacks, a 5-band EQ, onboard compressor, and Ashdown's signature VU meter for precise control. The drive control offers rich valve-emulated overdrive, while the sub-harmonic controls add depth to your tone. Plus, it's footswitch-compatible for added convenience. The rear panel is equipped with a balanced DI out, Line In, FX Loop, and more. It even has a mute switch for silent tuning and instrument changes. The new matt anodized alloy front panel enhances visibility under stage lighting.
Whether you're performing live or honing your skills in private, the Ashdown Rootmaster RM C210-500-T EVO II is your ideal bass companion.
RM 500 EVO II Features
Ashdown | Setting the standard since '97


  • Power Output - 500 Watts
  • Power Requirement - 115-230 Volts
  • Speakers - 2 x 10" Ashdown Whiteline
  • Frequency Response - -3dB @ 17Hz und 30KHz
  • High Instrument Input - Impedance 3.9m Ohms, input range 150mV
  • Low Instrument Input - Impedance 10k Ohms, input range 300mV - 40V p-p
  • Line Input - Impedance 22k Ohms, input level 0dBu nominal
  • DI Output - 600 Ohm balanced, Level 0dBu nominal
  • Tuner Output - Impedance 22k Ohms, Level 0dBu nominal

  • Impedance - 8 Ohm Internal. Minimum 4 Ohm with extension cabinet added
  • Signal to noise - Better than 80dB (EQ flat)
  • EQ - Bass +/-15dB @ 100Hz, Low Mid +/-15dB @ 220Hz, Middle +/-15dB @ 660Hz, Hi Mid +/-15dB @ 1.6kHz, Treble +/-15dB @ 7kHz shelving Deep +
  • Effects Send - Impedance 22k Ohm, Level 0dBu nominal
  • Effects Return - Impedance 22 Ohms, Input Level 0dBu Nominal
  • Distortion - Less than 0.5% THD
  • H x W x D (mm) - 590 x 470 x 335
  • Weight (kg) - 20

ashdown rm c210t 500 evo ii combo matt anodised alloy finish front panel
Matt anodised alloy front panel
A matt anodised alloy finish makes reading your controls and settings easy under even the brightest stage lights.

ashdown rm c210t 500 evo ii combo eq controls
Simple, powerful EQ
The Rootmaster EVO II pre amp now includes a passive and active input jack socket for use with both high and low output instruments. The five- band rotary tone controls act with surgical precision to provide total control over your sound, while a shape switch instantly dials you in to a classic Ashdown tone setting, straight from the world-famous ABM.
ashdown c210 500 evo ii combo one knob compressor
One-knob Compression
The simple but highly effective footswitchable on board compression allows control over the dynamic range of your tone while increasing sustain & thickness, helping to make the overall level of your playing as consistent as possible.
ashdown rm c210t 500 evo ii combo drive and sub controls
Overdrive & Sub Harmonics
With footswitchable flexibility, our tube-emulated overdrive can take your core bass sound and push it into warm overdrive through to distorted filth and any point inbetween whenever you need to add extra grind and girth to your tone.

Bringing extra depth and definition to your bass parts, the Sub-Harmonic Generator lets you dial in a sub-octave and kick it in via footswitch whenever you need the extra depth for those super-heavy Godzilla moments.
Ashdown rm c210 500 evo ii combo Neutrik Jack and speakon sockets
Totally connected
If you want to use your favourite pedals or multi-effects, you’ll find send and return sockets on the back panel, along with a DI output for direct injection into the PA mixer or recording console and a Line Input (with front panel level control) so you can jam along with a backing track in rehearsal.
A combined Neutrik Jack/Speakon socket allows connection of an 8ohm extension cabinet..
Ashdown rm c210t 500 evo ii combo headphone output
Headphone Output
The Rootmaster EVO II range now comes equipped with an on-board headphone preamp to allow for silent practice, which doubles up these gig-ready amplifiers as handy practice devices. The headphone preamp maximises the full sound potential of your headphones, so now your in ear sound can match the quality of your stage sound.
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RM 500 EVO II User Manual

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