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We have just 1 of these amazing legacy combos available.
B-Stock, wear and tear, supplied with an Ashdown Cover.

This amplifier helps the professional live gigging guitarist get a saturated and singing soloing voice that still retains the big bottom end punch required by so many of today’s music styles. A fat bottom end requires a lot of power from the output stage to deliver the punch needed for muted notes and chords.

This is even more relevant when you consider how many players now use 7 string guitars. Most amplifiers wimp out when presented with 7 strings of chugging power chords because their output stage can’t deliver. With many tube amplifiers you only get the best solo voice when the output stage is close to working flat out.
This demonstrates exactly what we are saying - that old style amps are great for screaming solo lines but give up on modern 7 string fat chords. The CLEAN channel allows you to switch instantly from huge body crunching chords and screaming solo leads to crisp and sparkling arpeggio chords that ring out with unbelievable clarity.

The dual effects loops also help here, allowing you to set up separate effects for each channel. So you can (for instance) have a beautiful clean sound with a swirling chorus on Channel 1, and a soaring solo voice with lashings of delay on Channel 2 - then instantly switch between the two. Either or both effects loops can be assigned to either or both channels.

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