For players who want ABM performance in a lighter weight, more compact package, ABM-NEO cabs are the answer. 

Rated at 2000W, the 8 ohm ABM 408 NEO cabinet is loaded with 4x8” SICA NEO drivers. 


All ABM NEO cabinets are assembled in the UK, using marine quality premium 15 mm lightweight plywood, tough buffalo tolex and kickproof metal grilles. They’re also front-ported for maximum forward dispersion.

Custom SICA NEO Speakers

NEO cabinets are loaded with Custom designed "SICA" NEO Drivers, widely acknowledge as some of the finest lightweight speakers available. NEO cabs also feature a HF horn for additional top end definition. 


Power Output 2000W continuous program 1000W continuous RMS
Speaker Configuration  4 x 8
Impedance  8 Ohms 

98.7dB - 1W @ 1m

Weight (kg) 22
H x W x D (mm)

603 x 465 x 330


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