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Since day 1 the Ashdown bass Magnifier has been our flagship bass amp and the artist amp of choice. 2022 marks this iconic product’s 25th anniversary, no small milestone in this day and age.

Over the years the ABM has been through numerous evolutions with the latest the EVO IV being THE go-to head still today 25 years after its original release... With bass player from every walk of life discovering the tonal possibilities only an ABM can achieve. 

This year we have decided to celebrate our companies 25th anniversary with the release of a limited-edition ABM-400 head made in the UK with its own custom flight-case to ensure the product lasts another 25 years.

The head is limited to 100pcs world-wide and will be built to order for each specific customer.

Each amp will be hand numbered and signed by Mark Gooday with a little note of thanks personalised to the purchaser.

Mark will also do a personal video for each head as it is being packed ready for its new home.

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