The AAA 100-BT EVO is a lightweight, feature packed 100-watt bass amp combo, which delivers a non-compromised and powerful bass sound via a single 12” custom designed Ashdown speaker. 

Best yet, the 100-BT is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream your music to the amplifier. The high quality audio playback of your MP3s through the 100-BT will redefine what you come to expect from a portable and cost effective bass amp. Setting the standard since 1997, Ashdown have once again raised the bar in the bass amplification market.

Besides Bluetooth, the 100-BT features a fully loaded array of facilities including passive and active inputs, as well as a balanced DI output making it a fully gig-ready solution. The lightweight ply construction allows a weight of just 14kg/31lbs, meaning back breaking load-ins are a thing of the past.

The AAA EVO 100-BT also features tube emulated overdrive adding some grit through to full blown overdriven bass tones, as well as a 3 band EQ section giving complete control over your tone. 

On the rear of the combo, there is a Tweeter mute switch to reduce some of the high end if and when required plus a speaker mute switch together with a headphone socket for silent practice. The 100-BT also has the option to add an 8-Ohm speaker cabinet for bigger gigs. 

Finally the Apptek socket allows players to access the ever-growing range of amp simulators and effects on IOS devices, including Ashdown’s very own ABM Pre Amp (available via Agile Partners Amp Kit).

AAA EVO 100 BT Demo
Alberto Rigoni takes the all NEW Ashdown AAA 100 BT combo through its paces


Power Output 100 Watts
Speaker Configuration 1 x 12” + HF Tweeter
Speaker Outputs 1/4" Jack
Frequency Response -3db at 22hz and 25khz
High Instrument Input Impedance - 3.9M Ohm Input range 150mv to 20v p - p
Low Instrument Input Impedance - 10k Ohm Input range 300mv to 40v p - p
Line/BT Input Yes with mix control
DI Output Balanced XLR
Impedance 8 Ohm. Minimum 4 Ohm when extension cab added
EQ Bass, Middle and Treble
Effects Send N/A
Effects Return N/A
H x W x D (mm) 420 x 410 x 325
Weight (kg) 14


AAA EVO 100-BT User Manual

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